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“Connected:09” - Program

Friday evening (July 10)
Opening evening, meeting with other symposium participants.

Saturday (July 11)
Introduction to the town. A walk around Pöllau with local residents.
In the evening ‘Art Dinner’ in Pöllauberg.

Sunday (July 12)
Presentation of the symposium at the second ‘Kunstaktionstag’ and a visit to the exhibition ‘Mensch ist Mensch’ in Schloß Pöllau.

Monday - Friday (July 13-17)
From monday till friday the artists will be working on their individual, or collaborative projects. The central working space is in and around Schloß Pöllau, but art works and installations may be appearing all over Pöllau.

During this time, from monday till friday, workshops are offered every day, from 9:30 until 11:30. The workshops offer the possibility to work together with the invited artists and to create your own works of recycled art. Works made by participants during the workshops might also be included in the presentation during the weekend.

The evenings offer a program with films, presentations and discussions. The details of the evening program will be announced later.

Saturday (July 18)
Presentation of Connected:09 with art works and installations in and around Schloß Pöllau and other locations in the town.

Sunday (July 19)
The last day of the project offers time for evaluation and time to make plans for future projects. The symposium is finished with a trip together somewhere in the region, before everyone leaves the next morning.

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