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Connected:09 invites artists from different places to spend time together with other artists, working together on a certain theme and in a certain place. Here are the participants for Connected:09:

Jez Riley French (East Yorkshire)
His output involves elements of intuitive composition, field recording, photographic images and improvisation. He has performed, exhibited and had his work published widely across Europe and also lectures in both field recording and intuitive composition as a guest lecturer. In recent years Jez has been working closely with specific architectural spaces, capturing a sense of place that is both highly personal and yet offers the audience a fascinating opportunity to look and listen anew to the environments in which we spend our time.

Natalia Borissova (Munich/Moscow)
Video artist (professional but unconventional)
Electronic sound artist (DIY and unprofessional)
Organizer (self-kicking, process-oriented, enthusiastic but critical.)
Dreamer (no ground. no feet. no timeliness.)

Hazel Lim (Singapore)
Hazel Lim is a Singaporean artist who completed her postgraduate degree in Fine Arts at Lasalle College of the Arts in 2008. Trained in painting, she also frequently employs installation, photography and objects to express her concerns about notions of displacement, construction of histories and memories. She has taken part in group exhibitions showcased in Singapore, Ireland and Vietnam and participated extensively in international artists exchange programs such as the ASEF Creative Camp 2003 in Paris, Artists’ Workshop in Vietnam, 2005 and Documenta in Kassel, Germany during 2007. Hazel is also the Associate Artist with Substation where she held her first solo exhibition, Secret Windows in 2004.

Rafat Asad (Ramallah)
Rafat Asad graduated in 1998 from An Najah University, Nablus, with a BA in Fine Arts. He has participated in group exhibitions in Palestine, Europe, Japan, the US and the Arab world. He did three solo exhibitions. In 2006 he was selected for a residency at Dalfina Studio Trus Residency Programme in London. He participated in workshops in the UK and Jordan and in workshops designed for establishing the International Academy of Art in Ramallah, as part of a selection of young artists, organized by the Palestinian Association for Contemporary Art – PACA. He is Co-founder and Manager for the Almahatta gallery space in Ramallah. He lives and works in Ramallah.

Margarita Benitez (Chicago/Miami)
Margarita Benitez is an art and technology and fiber installation artist based in Chicago and Miami. Her work is rooted in exploring underlying social issues in technology - exploring how today’s society copes with the overwhelming presence of technology, surveillance, data mining and media bombardment. Her work has been exhibited internationally at the Kaunas (Lithuania) International Textile Biennial “Textile 05”, Pulsar in Caracas and the Frost Museum in Miami. Her work was featured in Surface Design magazine and will be featured in the upcoming Leonardo Journal.

Catherine Hsin (San Francisco/Taipei)
Catherine has executed both in-house and freelance design projects. The focus being concept development, visual communication and presentation utilizing 2D and 3D designed elements. Interested in exploring different perspectives in art and science with extended cultural exposure. Originally from Taipei, Taiwan. She has obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Art from the University of North Texas and she is now in her Master degree for Art Therapy.

Primož Oberžan (Ljubljana)
Philosopher, DIY musician and founder of performing group The Stroj. His work is primarily focused on sound explorations, instrument building, performing and writing about art, technology and society. His instruments and music are strongly influenced with ready made art, DIY ideology and recycling thinking.

Cym (Walkersdorf/Ljubljana)
Cym is exploring the relations between virtual reality and real life. Originally from the Netherlands, now living in a small village in southeast Austria. She is working both in Ljubljana, Slovenia and on the styrian countryside, where she is transforming an old farm into an art center. Besides working as a web designer, she creates new products from trash. In 2006 her web project ‘No Men’s Land’ was awarded the Marianne.von.Willemer Women.Netart.Award.06.

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