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Call for applications

Deadline extended! Apply until Sunday, May 17, 2009!

Artists are invited to send an application to be part of Connected:09.

Connected:09 is a project that invites artists to spend a short time together with other artists working together on a certain theme and a certain place. Connected:09 will take place in Pöllau bei Hartberg. Pöllau is a small town located in the Nature Park 'Pöllauer Tal'. Connected:09 will take place during 'styrian summer_art'.

When: July 10 - 19, 2009
Where: Pöllau bei Hartberg
What: workshop/symposium
Theme: recycling

Connected:09 invites 6 artists to spend 10 days in Pöllau. During this time the artists are expected to create art works inspired by and made for the town. Central theme of the project is 'recycling'. Artists are asked to use materials found in the town and transform them into works of art. This can be done very concretely by going to the junkyard and collect trash which is then used to create a sculpture. It can also be done in a more abstract way, for example by collecting thoughts or sentences from local people and reusing them in another context. Another option is for example to ask people to bring a piece of clothes, which are then hung all together on a long clothesline on the main square.

Another option is to ask people to bring something personal, like an object from their home or a piece of clothes and work with these materials. The process of collecting material can be an important part of the project. An important goal of Connected:09 is to create communication between artists and local residents. This communication can take place via the presentation of final art works in the public space, but it can also be achieved by including locals directly in the process of creating the art works.

The invited artists will have about a week to work on the project. During this week artists will have the opportunity to also present their other works and projects via short presentations in the evening. The evenings will offer presentations, films and discussions related to the theme of the project, which are open for anyone interested.


You should be in Pöllau the full time. Artists are expected to arrive the latest on Friday, July 10, 2009 and are expected to stay until the presentation on Sunday, July 19, 2009. It is important that artists are present in Pöllau during the full period of the project and are able during this time to work on the project. Artists are welcome to arrive already earlier or stay longer. Please contact us if you would like to spend a longer period in the region.

You have to organize travel yourself. We will provide a place to stay. And we will try to cover the costs for food. We will also try to cover at least a part of the travel costs for those who are unable to cover the travel costs themselves, but at the moment we have no funds yet for this project, so we cannot promise anything. Let us know if you need support for travel costs. Also let us know if you need visa to come to Austria.

People in Pöllau are not used to speaking English. There will be people around who can help with translating, but if you want to work together with people in the region a few words of German can be very helpful.

If you would like to be part of Connected:09, you can send your application via e-mail to
Please use the application form that is at the bottom of this document. Your application should include a short biography and a proposal of what you expect to do in Pöllau as part of the project. Your project doesn't need to be fully developed, but should give an indication in which direction you would like to work. Also explain what kind of materials you will need.

Please be aware that artists are not only selected by the quality of their project proposal. An important aspect of the project is that artists spend time together, exploring the town, meeting people, exchanging ideas. Discussions, collective cooking and excursions with locals are an important aspect. It is not obligatory to work together, but you are expected to spend a lot of time together. In the selection procedure we will try to put together a group of artists with different backgrounds and different fields of working. Please include a motivation in your application what you expect from the project and why you would like to be part.


Friday evening (July 10):
Opening evening, meeting with other participants. Overview of the project.
Friday evening will be the opening evening where the participants will meet each other. It is important to be there.

Saturday and Sunday (July 11-12):
Exploring the town and the region together. Collecting ideas, inspirations and materials for the project.
Artists are expected to work with the town, region, surroundings, local environment. During these two days you will get to know the town, meet people, collect materials and get to know each other. This is also a good time to share ideas to maybe work together on a project.

Monday till Friday (July 13-17):
Time to work on the project, to create and to communicate, mostly in the central working space. The central working space is the meeting point for the project. The space is open for the public to meet the artists. Everyday from Monday till Friday from 9:30 until 11:30 there will be public workshops. These workshops offer the possibility for anyone interested to work with the theme of recycling and art. Invited artists are expected to be present at least during some of these workshops. The best would be if the workshops can be given by the invited artists, so the audience can communicate with and learn from the artists that are visiting Pöllau.

Saturday (July 18):
Preparing the presentation, finishing the works, building up the installations.
Saturday can also include a special, exclusive presentation of Connected:09.

Sunday (July 19):
Last day of our time together.
There has been a mistake in the first version of this call for applications. The final presentation of styrian summer_art 09 will not take place on Sunday, July 19, but one week later, on Sunday, July 26. The works that were made during Connected:09 of course are also part of this presentation. Because the artists will probably not be in Pöllau any more on July 26, 2009, we should make a plan how to present our works during the final presentation.
This last day of Connected:09 is also a moment for evaluation and to make plans for future projects.


More information about styrian summer_art is at:
More information about the Connected series is at:

Application form

Please use this form for your application. You can add anything that you feel is missing in this form.
Send your application together with any additional information as an attachment to
Extended deadline for applications: Sunday, May 17, 2009.
Please don't wait until the last moment before you send your application. If you send your materials a few days before the deadline, we will have time to contact you if we have any questions about your application.
Artists are contacted before the end of May with the selection results.

Copy and paste the questions below into your text editor. You can fill out the form in english or in german.


Please include a short biography.
(also include your age, or an indication of your age if you don't want to tell us exactly)

Why would you like to be part of Connected:09?
(short motivation)

Have you worked with arts and recycling before?
(if yes, short documentation, photos, links)

What would you like to do during Connected:09?
(short project description)

What do you expect from Connected:09?

Have you been to Pöllau before? Do you know Pöllau?

From where (which city or country) are you traveling?

Do you need support for travel costs and/or visa?

How much do you expect your travel costs to be?

Is it possible for you to apply for a grant yourself to come to this project?
(if we send you the necessary information)

Feel free to add any information, comments, questions, etc.