How to get from Graz to Art Center Središče:

1st possibility:

This is the way that is probably the easiest to find. However, it is also by far the longest way!

Take the Süd-Autobahn towards Spielfeld. Take exit Vogau-Straß and drive to Bad Radkersburg. In Bad Radkersburg follow signs to Murska Sobota. You should cross the border at Sicheldorf. This is the road that passes Pavelhaus. You can make a break at Pavelhaus. This is about 2/3 of the way to Središče. Cross the border at Sicheldorf. Follow signs to Murska Sobota. In Murska Sobota follow signs to Hodoš. Keep driving to Hodoš. See below how to get from Hodoš to Središče.

2nd possibility (the shorter way):

This is the shortest way in kilometers. About 85 kilometers all together.

Drive to Feldbach. Take the Autobahn to Vienna, exit Gleisdorf-Süd. Follow signs to Feldbach. When you are getting to Feldbach just keep driving straight on, until you see the sign Jennersdorf/Fehring. Turn left here and keep following direction Jennersdorf.
You will get on the Autostrasse that will take you into Burgenland. Follow the Autostrasse until you get to the the exit ‘Bonisdorf / Kuzma (Slo)’. Cross the border at Bonisdorf/Kuzma. About 200 meters after the border turn left to Kuzma/Hodoš. (Make sure not to miss this turn).
From here on just keep following the signs to Hodoš. It is about 20 kilometers from here to Hodoš. See below how to get from Hodoš to Središče.

3rd possibility:

The third possibility is through Hungary. Apparently this is the fastest way...

Take the Autobahn to Vienna, exit Ilz-Fürstenfeld. Turn right to Fürstenfeld. Keep following the signs 'Heiligenkreuz (HU)'. Cross the border into Hungary at 'Heiligenkreuz'. Directly after the border, at the first traffic-light, turn right to Szent-Gotthart. From here on keep following signs to 'Orisszentpeter'. This road goes through a very wide, beautiful, empty land for about 20 km. When you get to the center of Orisszentpeter turn right to 'Bajansenye/Hodoš (SLO)'. (You will go in and out of Orisszentpeter and then in again). Hodoš is about 500 meters after the border.

How to get from Hodoš to the Art Center:

Just before the sign Hodoš turn right onto the big bridge to Krplivnik. (You might have to turn around and drive back if you are already in Hodoš at this point.)

If you come from Hungary, you must drive through Hodoš and just after you leave Hodoš turn left onto the big bridge to Krplivnik.

Keep following the road for about 5 kilometers until you get to Domanjševci. In Domanjševci turn LEFT directly after the sign. From here on the road is only a sand road. After the last, little, broken house on the right turn right. There is a small sign here that says ‘Art Center’. Follow this road into the woods until you see the red building.

If you come by train:

There are direct trains from Ljubljana, Maribor and Murska Sobota to Hodoš. It is also possible to come via Hungary by train.

Take a train to Hodoš and let us know when you will arrive, so we can come and pick you up. There is a nice bar just around the corner from the train station, called ‘Anica Jonaš’. You can enjoy a drink here until someone comes and takes you to Art Center.


Art Center
Sredisce 47
9207 Prosenjakovci

Forum Stadtpark
Stadtpark 1
8010 Graz